Getting Real with 2017

ee2fbbe5a0e1bd4cd6596d8b884f1bacLet’s be real with ourselves: 2016 was NOT AMAZING overall. It was pretty mediocre and that’s me being nice. There has to be a major shift in mindset and lifestyle to make this year considerably better than the last. There are things we ultimately have no control over but there are A LOT of things that we do have control over. As I was writing this I realized that it’s honestly a list of things that I am personally working on and want to continue working on in the new year & I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts.

  1. We have control over our thoughts. Every day we wake up we can choose to be more positive for ourselves and for the world around us. We can speak life into situations and circumstances.
  2. Dare to be brave. Speak up. Speak out. Don’t hold back. We are so terrified of how people will perceive us that we hold everything in and that’s so unhealthy for us. Your point of view is as important as you make it. Your feelings are as important as you make them. Sometimes the things you’re scared of are exactly what the world needs at that moment.
  3. Consider your impact on the world and those around you. What vibes are you putting out in the world? How are you choices affecting the environment? Are you spreading love and light? Just some things to think about.
  4. Spend sometime with yourself. Being around people is fun, we all love having fun but sometimes we need to take a step back and be with ourselves.
  5. Screw the trends. You don’t need it because everyone else has it. You don’t have to trash it because everyone else is trashing it. You don’t need to watch it because everyone else does… you get my point. You’re unique, live in that uniqueness and love it.
  6. Don’t spend what you don’t have to ‘stunt’ on people. Self explanatory.
  7. Do it bigger. Dream bigger. Smile bigger. Love bigger.
  8. Support your friends. It’s almost as if people are afraid to support business endeavors by their own friends. Why? Support your friends, their dreams, and their businesses. It’s not a competition.
  9. Having emotions/feelings is not a bad thing. We always want to one up one another at being heartless. It’s so stupid. Allow yourself to feel things. Be emotional. That is your right as a human being.
  10. CREATE. CREATE. CREATE. Social media and the web can be either a blessing or a curse, it all depends on how you choose to use it! Use it to create something positive. Use your talents in a positive way. Be an environmentalist. Be a humanitarian. Be a feminist. Combine your passions and your talents, you’ll be mind blown by the results.

HAPPY 2017! Let’s make it an amazing year! ❤


What I’ve Watched: 2016 Edition

As an acting major, it’s probably no surprise to anyone that I am CONSTANTLY watching movies. It’s great to watch working actors on screen and allow myself to be inspired by them. Watching movies for me has always been a means of not only entertainment but also learning more about my craft. However, lately I’ve set my movie love to the side a little and embraced documentaries. I’ve always appreciated watching documentaries but lately I’ve been watching at least one documentary a week and they have truly changed my life, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you:

imgres-4Cowspiracy: This was my second time watching this documentary but this time it really affected me. I definitely recommend this to anyone considering a vegetarian/vegan diet.

imgresEarthlings: Similar to Cowspiracy, just as affective.


Super Size Me: This was extremely popular when it originally came out but I never watched it and it certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of educating me.


Forks Over Knives: Another great documentary for someone considering a vegetarian/vegan diet. Rather than focusing mainly on the meat industry, this one truly focus on the health benefits of a meatless diet.

(…there is definitely a trend here)


True Cost: This one is not about health, I promise! This is actually about the fast fashion industry and this has truly opened my eyes & truly changed my mind about my constant need to shop at fast fashion retailers. As a result, I now try to mostly shop at thrift shops.

Vacation Blues


Being back in school, especially with winter quickly approaching, is definitely making me miss the summer and vacation. This past summer I went to Jamaica for vacation which is always the best because my family is from Jamaica. So I get to see family that I don’t always get to see and be on this absolutely beautiful island. This time around I stayed a week with family in Montego Bay then the following week stayed at the Deja Resort, which is an all-inclusive hotel directly across the street from Doctor’s Cave beach.

I went horse back riding on the beach, climbed the famous Dunn’s River Falls twice, went snorkeling, and did so many other incredible things. Naturally, I started making a list of everything else I want to do on my next visit so I’m patiently waiting to go back!


Hatfield & Harry

So what I have yet to share on my blog is that I am actually in London!!! I’ve been here since the end of August and I will be here until mid December studying acting. In preparation for this trip I was full of anxiety. After all, I was going to a totally different continent for an entire semester. But family friends that have been here before assured me that I would love it because “London is all me,” which was a weird concept for me to understand but after a few weeks I think I can say that I understand. Because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE! London has a certain vibe and energy that is similar to New York City in some ways yet very different, a balance that I have taken to very quickly.

The program that I am here with is doing an amazing job at balancing the “go be independent adults” thing and the “let us show you this world” thing. Therefore, on some weekends we have planned trips. One of the first excursions is what I am about to share with you right now: It was broken up into two exciting sightseeing adventures. The first being Hatfield House and the second being Warner Brothers Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter.

Hatfield House is an absolutely beautiful country house located in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England. To sum it up in a sentence, Hatfield House is a stunning mansion that has a breathtaking garden with a whole bunch of intriguing history. The original Hatfield mansion was the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I. Each room of the mansion is absolutely magnificent and the garden is beautiful. Take a look into the beauty of this estate:





After Hatfield House we headed to Warner Brothers Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter. There we explored the standing sets of the magical land of Harry Potter. Which means we got to walk around the actual sets that were used for filming, see actual costume pieces/props, and learn more about the behind the scenes aspect of creating the world for the films. It was quite exciting and very magical… And of course I had to finally try some butter beer.