Not Only for Sleep

I love when trends come back with a force and the silk slip is no exception, it’s certainly one of my favorite 90s trends to make a comeback (maybe I’ll make a post featuring all of my favorite comeback trends sorted by era). But we’ve definitely seen the silk slip being featured heavily this spring and fall, I definitely don’t think the trend has to end just because it’s getting colder outside. To combat the cold, I layered my thrifted slip over a plain white long sleep and topped it off with a grey sweater, black tights, black & white Steven Madden high top slip on sneakers, and a black velvet choker to accessorize.

70s Inspired

I love waking up feeling absolutely inspired by the items in my closet and I just wanting to have fun and experiment. I’m not one who would exactly describe my overall style as being heavily influenced by the 70s but that’s the fun thing about clothes, you can mix & match and dress depending on how you’re feeling that specific day. I am so happy that when I was home for Thanksgiving break I made a much needed stop at Goodwill, I absolutely love thrifting. I picked up this beautiful blouse and these perfect fitting jeans as well as other amazing items. I paired them with an olive jacket and black platform boots from H&M to top off the look.

Layering Uniform


We hear it every year. We know the concept. It’s practically engraved in us. Fall/winter is for layering and it is 100% possible to layer up and still look chic and fashionable. And I’m definitely not one to shy away from layers, probably because I like to be comfortable and the freezing cold does not necessarily bring me comfort. But I definitely do have a go-to layering uniform. As a college student, I believe having “go-to” outfits is certainly important because sometimes you just need to throw on some clothes and head out. Button down (thrifted), sweater (Zara), jacket. Simple and easy to play with, especially where shoes and accessories are concerned. On this day, I styled my basic layering look with a black velvet choker, gold oxfords, and a vintage Cole Haan bag.


Last Day in Paris

BlogParis3It has been quite a while since I posted (and for that I am so sorry). Everything has indeed been very crazy lately and as a student I can not help when life gets away from me. But this is the last installment of my Parisian looks, although I might just have another Paris post up my sleeves.

This was my last day in one of the most beautiful cities that I’ve ever visited. Paris was amazingly beautiful and vibrant. I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to travel there during my break from school. And I am honestly looking forward to the day that I can visit Paris again. This day was less of a touring day and more of a shopping day. By shopping I mean searching everywhere for that one special item that I can say I purchased in Paris and macarons (of course, I couldn’t go to Paris and not get macarons from Ladurée!)BlogParis3.8


This beautiful, floral top is from Zara and the sneakers are all black Nike Roshe Run. I don’t remember where I got the pants that I am wearing in this post but I will certainly do some digging to see if I can find similar ones to share because they are incredibly comfy. I think they are a chicer alternative to just wearing black leggings and just as comfortable.

Autumn Inspired

Paris2Blog2      Today was the day that I explored not even 1/10th of what the magnificent Musee de Louvre had to offer including famous pieces such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. While getting ready I was really inspired by the weather in Paris. It was certainly getting chiller, which meant autumn was falling upon us. Therefore, I used that as inspiration. Plus, for some reason I am really beginning to love the deep, rich colors of autumn.








The sweater is from J Crew, the boots are from Ecco, and once again I’m sporting my bright green bag from Zara all paired with these comfy, ripped jeans. I honestly just think it’s a great size bag for exploring. It was full of all my Parisian exploring essentials: my phone, wallet, guide & map of Paris, and a Shakespeare play (so I can do work whenever we stopped to eat).

Parisian Casual


So I am currently in Paris, which has been my dream place to visit since I was a little girl. I don’t really know when my Parisian obsession began but I am finally living out my dreams. Today was a very long day in this beautiful city. A day full of exploring and window shopping and trying to navigate this wonderful city. Therefore, it was very important for me to be as comfortable as possible because there was a lot of walking done. I explored the beautiful Arc de Triomphe and walked down the fabulous Champs-Élysées.









The shirt (FOR ONE POUND) and sweater are both from Primark, the bag is from Zara, and the sneakers are Nike. And I truly believe a few accessories can really add to any outfit, here I am sporting a choker with a ying yang sign and 3 gold rings.

How To: I must say that I am very much inspired by the model off-duty style and draw from that whenever I am in the mood to do so. In those cases, I really enjoy keeping the base of my outfit simple (shown here with a black crop and navy skinnies) then adding pops of color, patterns, or just overall unique pieces (shown here with this vivid colored green bag and these colorful, pattern Nikes). It gives off a very casual vibe but still has interesting pieces for that extra pop of personality.